The tough and turbulent business environment occasioned by the runaway inflation, depreciation of the Kenyan shilling, rising commodity and food prices, increase in energy (electricity and oil) costs and a high Central Bank lending rate has resulted in many customers failing to honor their payments. Others simply ignore your invoices, promise to pay but fail to pay or disappear to other towns far away from your business.
Swipe Recoveries Experts is a well established organization that mainly provides ‘trace and collect’ services for a wide array of clients.
Our debt collection services are generally based on a No Collect No Fee basis once the file is placed with us.
In the event that our investigations establish that there are assets that would provide for the complete or partial recovery of your debt and if the debtor refuses to respond to our request to renegotiate the recovery, we shall report to you accordingly, advise you if legal action in our opinion is warranted, and if so what costs would be involved.
A regular report (fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or as new development occurs) will be provided to the clients as agreed in the SLA
At Swipe we have skilled staff backed with modern information technology systems to help you reduce the cost of your bad debts.

Our Background

Swipe Recoveries Experts Ltd has been in existence since May 2009 with continued commitment to providing our clients with a high level of service and advice aimed at getting results. We boast of highly experienced personnel in the held of credit management and thrives in engaging strategies that suit and adapt to the changing environment.

When you do business with us, you are dealing with a company that puts your interest first. We are committed to using a combination of the latest technology with experienced personnel to achieve a high success rate and, at the same time, keep you informed.
Honesty and integrity are our foundations. We cannot promise that every debt will be collected.
However we will only act on your instructions and give you the best advice for your situation.

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About Swipe Recoveries

Swipe Recoveries are ethical operators using fully qualified field operatives, always with an eye to detail and subsequently keeping your costs down. We keep up with today’s modern technology with up to date tracing and people finding data-bases and covert/ overt surveillance.