What is special about our services?

We believe in building long term value adding relationships with our clients and in particular we endeavor to:

  • Understand our clients, their business and vision. This we do by encouraging interactions both formal and informal.
  • Continually review our process to adapt to the needs and challenges of our clients.
  • Work with the client in reviewing and improving their processes to ensure we are able to achieve our mutual objectives.
  • Any insights gained in our operations and research generally are shared with the clients.

How do we achieve the above stated objectives?

  • Organization:

    As a policy we ensure that we have a dedicated team of collection officers dealing with each client so as to ensure that we are nimble and responsive to our clients’ needs and aspirations, and that the client book is given full attention.

  • Specialization:

    We have chosen to FOCUS on our core functions, i.e. Debt recovery, both commercial and consumer based, Investigations and Skip tracing services, Asset searches, background checks and debt management trainings.

  • Approach:

    We believe in a pro-active approach to work, adopting our processes to the needs of the client. As a result of the above, we have organized our company into Two (2) areas of specialization:

    • Debt Recovery Department.
    • Investigations Department.

    The structure and processes of the said departments have evolved as a reaction to specific needs and concerns of our clients and we endeavor to continually review and revise the same to meet the client’s expectations.

    Debt Recovery Division

    The Division is headed by an Operations Manager. We have 36 (Thirty six) experienced Tele- collectors working in shifts to provide a large coverage of work in hours and Twelve (12) field collectors.

    Each debt collector has a portfolio which he/she manages under close supervision and guidance of a Client Team Leader.

    Debt Recovery is an area of particular concern in the business world, in view of constrains in the Court system, we have set up a debt recovery unit which supplements and complements Court action against debtors. It is made up of debt collectors who are also skip tracers whose primary role is to pursue debtors aggressively. From our experience a sizeable number of debtors respond positively (by paying) if sufficient pressure is put on them.

    Investigation Division

    Our team of Investigators makes every effort to trace debtors and identify their assets as well as establish their financial standing.

    When pursuing the debtors via investigations, we collect useful information on the debtor’s physical whereabouts, financial standing and asset base. This information is useful in determining whether or not a suit should be filed thus preventing loss to our clients in the event that the outlay is not settled within an agreed period of time. It also ensures speedy execution when a suit is eventually filed. This information also ensures that “hopeless” debts are identified early and not pursued thus saving the client legal costs that may be incurred in the Court process. The unit has proved particularly effective in the recovery of unsecured debts on behalf of our clients, a category of debt that is usually more problematic than most.

Our Methodology:

Our experience reveals that large percentages of debtors are not “hard core” defaulters but people who will pay if goaded sufficiently. Most people know that the internal processes in many Corporations are lax in regard to debt recovery. At Swipe Recoveries Experts Limited we emphasize on persistent follow ups and from our experience approximately 50 - 75% of the debtors will yield to sustained pressure if for no other reason than to get rid of “the Nuisance.”

Our approach largely depends on the type of debtors and the client's instructions. We are persistent and firm without being “roguish.” We prefer holding discussions with our clients before embarking on the venture so as to determine the actual modalities that a client will find suitable for its various categories of debtors.

In the service sector, we have found differences in emphasis on methods of recovery between the marketing and the credit control departments, where the former is often apprehensive that “an aggressive” approach may be counterproductive to the general business while the latter is not satisfied with the “kid glove” approach favored by the marketers. Our role is to fashion an approach that recovers the debt without unduly antagonizing our client’s customers. We however prefer if we are perceived as the “bad cops”. In the present depressed times debtors are more hardened and firmness is necessary if one wishes to improve cash flow.


In our experience, we have noted that if too much time is given to debtors, a growing propensity increases amongst them to register assets under different names.

We thus:-

  • Draft letters of demand within a day of receipt of instructions.
  • Bulk sms sent via our modern Debt Collections system.
  • Aggressive calls made to debtors.
  • Aggressive field visits.
  • Depending on the value involved, faster Investigations into debtors’ whereabouts.


We partner with auctioneers of high professional integrity and in case there is need for auctioneering, however we are in process of acquiring an auctioneering license of our own to cut down on outsourcing costs.

Information Technology:

We firmly believe in the use of information Technology and are constantly reviewing our debt collections software. Our operations are fully computerized and networked. Visit our website www.swiperecoveries.com to learn more about our services.

We have installed debt collection software (Swipe e-Collect!) that enables us monitor and manage the files and activities thereof as well as giving valuable management reports. Our clients can reach us by phone, E-mail or post.

Our Fees:

We are mindful of the competitive Nature of the corporate world and the now universal concern to keep costs down. Although our fees are based on scale, we encourage our clients to enter into Service Level Agreements (SLA) for rates.

Agreements allow negotiation between us and clients and almost invariably lead to lower costs to the clients. Non Investigation Debt Collection work is charged on a no pay no cure system on an agreed percentage of the amounts recovered as our fee.


Is our main area of expertise, we undertake collection services on behalf of companies and organizations that have delinquent facilities held by both Retail and corporate debtors whenever this is required.

On this segment we employ a number of techniques including client meetings, issuance of letters of demand, telephone negotiations and legal advice. Our retail collections are customized depending on the company customer profile.

We mainly make use of a field collections team backed by a call centre compliment to achieve high contact rates and hit excellent penetration levels for good results.

Commercial debt recovery

We undertake collection services on behalf of companies and organizations that have delinquent facilities held by corporate debtors. On this segment we employ a number of techniques including client meetings, telephone negotiations and legal advice.

Consumer Debt Recovery

This is designed for companies with a mass market client base e.g. banks, micro-finance institutions, utility companies as well as local authorities and municipal councils. Our collections techniques on this segment are customized depending on the company customer profile. We mainly make use of a field collections team backed by a call centre compliment to achieve high contact rates and hit excellent penetration levels for good results.


Due to the diversity in our underlying client base and the continuous experience in field based collections, we are able to easily carry out investigations to trace debtors who the client has lost contact with. This also includes serving legal and statutory notices.

Skip Tracing


We undertake debt surveillance and monitoring on debts that may have been written off by companies and upon confirmation of changes in the customers financial circumstances will duly advise our clients.

Private or corporate cases sometimes require surveillance for evidence gathering purposes and our surveillance operatives are extremely experienced, which provides total discretion while they carry out the surveillance and observations.



Our experienced process and court document servers can provide a professional and time effective service of documents. Whether you have a one off process serving requirement, or you are looking for a reliable private investigation agency to manage your document serving in volume workloads, we would be happy to help.

Process Server


Our dedicated team of investigators are trained in asset searching. With the knowledge of various public information databases available to private investigators we are able to carry out in-depth legal asset searches and traces in Kenya and produce reliable, up to date investigations with very little information initially available.

Asset Tracing


Our extensive in-depth background checks offer precise up to date information on people’s background,previous employment details and current circumstances.

Background check and employee verification can be tailor made to your requirements. All of our background searches are carried out in house by our experienced investigators.

Background Checks

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